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Meet The Team


Founder & Instructor Karli Sherman

Founder/Fitness Instructor

Spin helped me see what I was made of and I immediately wanted to be an instructor, to help other women see how strong they were and so much more. They realized  what they were capable of, as women and as mothers.


Spin Instructor Stephanie

Spin Instructor

I love spin because the music motivates you to work hard, but it also makes you forget about how hard you’re working! I want everyone that comes to class to push themselves out of their comfort zone all while feeling that beat and having a great time!


Spin Instructor Devin

Spin Instructor

There is nothing better than losing yourself for 45 minutes in a dark room, with loud music, and no one to judge you. In this space you can be free to find yourself, and THAT is exactly what I want for you.


Spin Instructor Amanda

Spin Instructor

Spin makes me feel, in one word... JOY! I love feeling the beat of loud music in my chest and getting lost in a song. Just moving to music is enough to make me happy. "Music washes away the dust of everyday life."

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